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April 13, 2019 / Joanne Yeck

Praise for Slate River Press


Without a doubt, Yeck truly provides her readers with much more than lessons about Buckingham’s history. She offers them a connection, a bond, with the people who made this community what it is today. . . .

Tana Knott, The Farmville Herald


While doing research, Yeck had the opportunity to get to know her Virginia cousins. Being only the second person in her family to be born outside Virginia since 1617, returning to the state felt like a homecoming for her. She fell in love with both the county and its residents.

Heather Harris, Rural Virginian


Joanne Yeck writes beautifully and is an instinctive storyteller. 

Carlos Santos, Publisher, Valley Publishing


Ms. Yeck is to be commended on what can only be described as a herculean effort to resurrect lost Jeffersons from the mists of time. As a result, we have not only an understanding of these folks, but also of the southern United States in a far distant and important time in our development as a nation. Well written and comprehensive, it is a must for anyone interested in American history.

Charles Culbertson, historian


“Peter Field Jefferson: Dark Prince of Scottsville & Lost Jeffersons” should be on every Virginian’s bookshelf.

Sue A. Miles, Buckingham Beacon


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